Timber Treatments

Timber Treatments

Timber Treatments

We offer two methods for marine wood timber treatment and protection. Conventional  Clear Yacht Varnish that when applied correctly leaves a long lasting high gloss that is resistant to sun, salt water, petrol and lubricating oils. Alternatively Burgess Marine's, Hydrosol Woodsealer and Clearseal, These contain a water based resin package that protects the wood from water penetration,. It has the advantage of being very quick to apply even in damp conditions. It leaves an exceedingly durable satin finish that will withstand extreme maritime conditions.

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With added pigments to protect against harmful UV rays

Burgess Woodsealers were first launched 1987. Developed by the inventor of Hammerite™ and technically known as ‘Hydrosols’, they are an environmentally friendly, non-flammable blend of high quality acrylic resins suspended in water. The woodsealers can be used on damp surfaces. Brushes may be washed in water and no harmful thinners are required.

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Without added pigments

Burgess Clearseal is a similar formulation to Woodsealer but does not contain UV light blocking pigments, thus maintaining the timbers natural colouring

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Product no.: BNCRACK

Seals leaks by capillary action between metal fittings and woodwork also repairs leaking timbers


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Product no.: BMDC

A  biodegradable environmentally friendly cleaner, lifts weather stains, grime, grease and moss from most timber, decks and gangways.

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