For best results it is important to have the correct match of primer to substrate. Primer acts as the foundations to all subsequent paint layers.


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Product no.: MP

For steel above the water line 4 coats of Zinc Phosphate Primer 125A is recommended, followed two coat of under coat and one topcoat.

On repainted areas no primer is required

Product no.: GAVP

Promote adhesion of water and solvent based protective paints to galvanised sheeting and fittings.

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Product no.: ALEP

Acts as a primer to promote adhesion of conventional paint to aluminium panels, window and greenhouse frames.


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Product no.: GRPP

Unpainted GRP no primer is required provided the surface is cleaned and roughened. Just a coat of marine undercoat will do.

Repainting again no primer required, flatten back old paint and apply marine undercoat.

N.B. Below waterline coatings will require a specialised primer

Product no.: WP

Unpainted Wood  One coat of 256 primer/sealer is required followed by a coat of 229 under coat

Repainting No primer is required on pre painted surfaces.

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