High Temperature Paints

High Temperature Paints

High Temperature Paints

The ideal solution for maintenance of high temperature areas like stove pipes, engines and exhausts

Look no further than Canal Boat & Narrowboat Stuff for the UK's very best high temperature paint for your boat.  With an extremely long-lasting, heat-resistant satin finish, our high temperature paint is perfect for maintaining your engines, stove pipes and exhausts.

Find the best prices for Granville high temperature paints 

All of our high temperature paints are made by Granville, the UK's leading industrial paint manufacturer. The Granville Cylinder high temperature paint in black comes in great value 250ml tins and offers easy application by brush or spray, while the Very High Temperature paint comes in handy aerosols for quick, simple coverage and is available in red and silver as well as black. 

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Ideal for stove pipes

High temperature paints, Granville Cylinder black paint ideal for providing a satin Finish suitable for Stove pipes, Engines and Exhausts. Contact us today


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A range of three matt colours that will with stand temperatures up to 600 degrees C. available in red, black and grey.
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