Boat Paint

Boat Paint

Boat Paint

Keep your boat in top shape with our specialist marine paint


At Canal Boat & Narrowboat Stuff, we offer a comprehensive range of specialist paints that will help you to keep your boat in great condition. Our marine paint will ensure that your boat not only looks great but also performs optimally too. As many owners will know, applying a few layers of paint is one of the most effective and economical ways to protect and prolong the steelwork of your canal or narrowboat. 
Created specifically for marine environments, our long-lasting boat paint can help to prevent rust above and below the waterline - even years after application!  We stock a wide range of fade-resistant shades and finishes, which, when combined with our primers and undercoats, offer unrivalled protection. 

Find the most suitable boat paint for you at Canal Boat & Narrowboat Stuff!


When painting a boat, it is essential to choose the correct paint type for the substrate it is to be applied to. With dedicated ranges specially formulated for fibreglassmetal and wooden boats, you can be sure you'll find the boat paint that you're looking for in our online shop. 

Choosing the right colour for your canal boat or narrowboat is important. If in doubt don't hesitate to get in touch with us for your free chart of marine paint colours.


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High quality white spirit based boat paint in a selection of popular narrowboat colours with excellent coverage and UV resistance.

Suitable for use above waterline on metal, wood, GRP and fibreglass.

Available in 1 and 5 litres


From £17.99 / l *

In stock
can be shipped within 3 to 5 days

Compatible with most primers and white spirit based top coats, for use on topside and weatherwork undercoats GRP, fibreglass, and Gelcoat

NB. When applied to or new or repainting surfaces NO  other primer is required.

A range of three colours to suit most top coat colours

Available in 750ml and 5 litre tins

From £15.99 / 750 ml *

In stock
can be shipped within 3 to 5 days

Product no.: bILP


Bilge paint Grey/green colour, white spirit based for easy application

suitable for fibrglass and steel.

£12.99 / 750 ml *

A range of classic marine gloss colours that will cover most other marine paint types. Ideal as a topside coating on new and repainted fibreglass, GRP and Gelcoat.

White Spirit based for easy application with brush or roller

To achieve best results It is recomended that the appropiate colour  Supplyshed Undercoat is used.

Available in 750ml tins, each tin will cover approximately 10sq metres depending on surface quality.

From £15.99 / 750 mm *

Not in stock

Product no.: cyb

Ideal for stove pipes

High temperature paints, Granville Cylinder black paint ideal for providing a satin Finish suitable for Stove pipes, Engines and Exhausts. Contact us today


£5.24 *

In stock
can be shipped within 03/05/12 days

A range of three matt colours that will with stand temperatures up to 600 degrees C. available in red, black and grey.
From £6.09 *
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Metal Boat Paint

Metal Boat Paint

Highly durable white spirit based based Gloss Boat Metal Paint, employing UV resistant pigments. Ideal for Canal and Sea going metal craft.

Bilge Paint

Bilge Paint

Ensure that your boat's bilge is protected with our specialist quality gloss finish paint, specially formulated for bilges.

Fibreglass Boat Paint

Fibreglass Boat Paint

.High gloss paint made with UV resistant pigments, in a range of popular marine colours. Ideal for fibreglass sea and freshwater craft

High Temperature Paints

High Temperature Paints

High temperature paints, ideal for providing a satin Finish suitable for Stove pipes, Engines and Exhausts. For Canal Boat & Narrowboat accessories contact us.