Marine Cleaners and Polish

Marine Cleaners and Polish

Marine Cleaners and Polish

The Autosol Marine Cleaner and Polishes have been developed for the Europe market and are favored by the Scandinavians, The range includes Autosol Marine Shine that is used by boat manufacturers to polish fibreglass hauls prior to sale. Other products include; Boat Wax, Boat Combi Polish for restoring oxidised surfaces, Boating rubbing Cleaner especially good for cleaning paintwork  and perspex and Waterline Cleaner.


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Gelcoat restorer

Ideal for cleaning, polishing and protecting bright metal parts, plastic and fibreglass on all types of craft. Excellent at removing rust stains from GRP.

Available in 75ml tubes and 750ml tins


From £3.99 *
Product no.: ABCP1

Restores shine on oxidised and dull surfaces. Removes fine scratches

Leaves a weather resistant protective layer of polymer wax.

£9.99 *

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can be shipped within 3 to 5 days

Product no.: ABRC

Perspex and painted surface cleaner

A silicone freer with a gentle cleaning action, Ideal for polishing painted surfaces and Plexiglas.

£9.99 *

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can be shipped within 2 to 4 days

Product no.: ABW

A liquid hard wax without abrasives

Provides a brilliant shine, protects against weather, wear and UV radiation.


£9.99 *

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can be shipped within 3 days

Product no.: AWLC

Remover discolouration and algae at water line level. Loosens lime and salt spots, as well as dirt and light oxidation from paint and metal.

£4.24 *

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can be shipped within 03/05/12 days

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